Oh The Places You’ll Go

Succeed. Travel. Love.

These are words that embody me. I strive to be successful and I only do things that I love and am passionate about.  My biggest passion of all is to travel.  I am starting a blog to show my journey traveling and working in several different countries remotely.  I came across Remote Year from one of my besties and favorite travel partners, Alexandra Kruis.  The second I read about it I knew it was something I had to be a part of.

This is a program where you travel with 75 young professionals while working remotely.  The normal program is a year but I am going for the 4 month program.  While I would love to do the entire year, 4 months is a better fit for the work that I am in as well as the relationships I have in Chicago.

This remote year I will take a giant leap outside of my comfort zone, meet new friends that will last a lifetime and make millions of memories.  Follow along..

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