Waking Up In Bali

Bali has always been a dream of mine ever since I got hooked on Wanderlust Yoga Retreats.  I pictured sun salutations on a beautiful white sand beach, Acai Bowls and fit amazing looking people with positive vibes.

Although all of those things are available in magnitudes, they are a bit harder to find.  Many of the beaches are sadly full of garbage and the bustling traffic jams make Namaste a bit harder to get to.

This made me reflect a lot about expectations vs. reality and making sure that I am doing my part at leaving every place a bit  better than I found it.  Although I can’t clean up all the trash on the beach, I did clean up what was around me.

I felt an extreme love/hate relationship with Bali but I know I will give it a second chance. A spiritual Bali retreat is in my very near future.  See you next time Bali!

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