Why Remote Year?

I have drunk the Kool-Aid, got on a flight to meet 65 strangers and gotten a t-shirt. Only being about 1 month in I am very impressed so far with Remote Year in so many ways. With many competitors coming into the market and so many options available I am glad I chose Remote Year.

  • Overshare
    • Not only do the over communicate everything before we leave but just about any answer you could have is probably already on the portals for you.  This avoids many surprises.
  • Accessibility
    • The staff on the ground as well as working in other departments are easily accessible via Slack, Facebook, WhatsApp…etc.  At all times they probably have pings going off from many different people.
  • Quality People
    • When they say that they hand pick every single person and make sure they are not only right for Remote Year but they are right for that specific group is an understatement. The people I am spending my time with are curious, witty, genius, accepting and all around DOPE.
  • Staff
    • We will be spending our year with Coca and Beach as our team leaders who are not only amazing at their jobs but they are down to earth and easy to connect with. We also have a city team that couldn’t be more accommodating. They not only plan events but tailor them to our preferences. They are also really fun to hang out with.
  • Events
    • They plan local events that are designed to immerse us in the culture, food and beliefs. After all, isn’t that why you travel?
    • We have events for running, hiking, yoga etc. so that we can stay active on the road. With all the food we try, this is a must.
    • They also design events to get us out of comfort zones, connect with new people and grow.

In the few weeks I have met over 70 people who I love, grown tremendously and learned a lot about myself. I am excited to see what the future will bring.  #GoRemote

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