We are the remote travelers for four months, one year or forever. The passion, soul and lust for life runs through us together. This is not a gap year or a vacation, we are working, traveling and on a cultural exploration.


Coca and Beach are slaying it even when it gets intense.  All of a Sutton we are laughing out loud to his random questions, Will’s dad jokes, Linsey’s contagious laugh and Lydia’s misfortune. The pictures taken by Jay, Brittney and Cari tell the stories of what Remote Year is meant to be.


Our Father Chan is on everyone’s speed dial unless it’s about Slack, then we reach out to Larry for a free trial. Tan’s passion for push-ups, crazy I know, that coupled with Kate’s passion for yoga and Kara’s and James D’s for running will keep us on the go.


Being inspired by Rebecca and all of her wisdom and wishing we could nap like Mei even if just for a minute. Tina and Paully, we are encouraged by all the good things that you do, and Tom and Jonathon we all know who’s who.


Amanda D, your motivational words come at the best times.  Jason, your adventurous spirit gets me through some high climbs. We have souls that are brave enough to ride on a motorcycle like Aaron P. and Vlad, and from what I hear if you’re near Jack on a bike you should pray on the bible.


Simon is always introducing us to the finer things. Lauryn, your curiosity is amazing and I can’t wait to see what it will continue to bring. Kathrin’s rap game is strong with a voice to tell stories. Zoe’s flower child spirit and beauty secrets are having us all adding to our inventories.


Matt is always the one to go to for the best restaurants and the such.  Maxime, your spreadsheets are amazing and never too much! Alison, you are so fabulous inside and out you make Liberace look dull without a doubt.


Amber, Jide and Carin your dance moves are clutch. Emily, your zest for life is quite spectacular, we love you so much! Greg and Nicole have personalities and energy to be envious of and Pedro’s facial expressions are so full of love.


Aaron B., you have those Minnesota nice vibes, I am hoping that one day I can go fishing without guides. Christina T., you make people feel at home and James’ traveling makes us all want to roam.  Nick Lanspa is always game for whatever adventure arises which is what you need with all of the things Remote Year organizes.


Mason’s spirituality is destined for greatness and you continue to inspire even the faithless. Michelle your open-mindedness is a real gift. We’re all wondering where is Eric, do you need a lift?


Vanessa and Drew you completely crack me up, remember all of those straws we needed for that cup? We have models in training like Nick Lucas with those cat pics and if you don’t have those you can go to Amanda L. for help with Tinder chicks.


Lena, Thomas and Mike your smile coupled with Anne’s positive energy light up any room. Susan’s got those East Coast vibrations that make you want to zoom.  Andrew, you are #outrageous and Nick Francis I can’t wait till you’re instafamous.


Christina R. your kindness and Buya’s friendliness is what bonds are made of.  We are not one size fits all but we fit together like a glove.  Jamie is as real as it gets. Allison and Dan, you left us too soon but it’s not goodbye it’s see you again soon.


We are the wanderlust seekers and maybe a tad bit crazy, but cheers to these friends I now call my family.




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