Let’s Try Something New

As the saying goes, there’s a first time for everything. Traveling the world allows you to grow in many ways but experiencing something new is always a growth experience. In the month and I half I have been traveling I have already done so many things for the first time which has allowed me to expand my taste buds, empathize with other people and cultures and be less afraid of something.  I will try anything once because I know it will either be a good experience or a funny story to tell. When is the last time you did something for the first time?

  • Ate bulls ball soup
  • Had lunch at a locals house in KL
  • Learned how to scuba dive
  • Went cathfishing in the mud near the Mekong River
  • Rode on the back of an uber moto and LOVED it
  • Ate meat from a street cart
  • Play in a waterpark in HCMC with 1,000s of other people
  • Hold hands with a monkey
  • Did a fish pedicure
  • Sang Karaoke
  • Accidentally went to a brothel for drinks
  • Ate lunch entirely with my hands
  • Had a marriage ceremony in a village near Kuala Lumpur
  • Ate blood
  • Played soccer with locals
  • Took a sales call on a hike up a mountain
  • Went to a club in a church in Bali
  • Took pictures with strangers because I am American
  • Got a henna sleeve
  • Walked through a poisonous garden
  • Took a selfy with a peakcock
  • Had dinner in the dark and dinner in the sky
  • Went ziplining and climbing through a jungle
  • Got coffee and fruit from a floating market

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