Culture. Adventure. Chaos. Fun.

A day spent at Suio Tien Buddhist Theme Park is full of excitement, screams, being scared, overheating and a whole lot of craziness.  If you think you’re just going to a theme park you would be very wrong.

The statues and buildings in the park alone are like a scene from Tomorrow World.  There are the typical rides and swan boats, dolphin and historical shows, food vendors and a water park and non typical statues, alligator fishing and fish pedicures.  Everything you experience is 10 times more exciting than the average theme park and 10 times more crowded.  I will highlight my favorite or most interesting parts below.

Ong Dia


Ong Dia, a happy-looking, chubby bald man with enormous earlobes is not to be mistaken for a Buddha. He is the patron saint for luck. You give an offering, make a wish and light an incense stick.  If it blows out half way you should consider it a bad sign.

Harry Potter

As an avid Harry Potter reader I was so excited about this attraction.  It ended up being more like a haunted house.  It was terrifying.

Unicorn Palace


One of Suoi Tien’s top attractions is a dark ride through Buddhist hell, featuring blood-curdling screams and repenting sinners. What is even more amazing is that it is called “Unicorn Palace”.

Phuc Loc Tho





At first glance I thought there was no chance I was going in that waterpark with all those kids.  Once I sucked it up the slides, wave pool and swimming was so fun. There are no rules so you have to get lucky to get a tube… Or steal it from a kid.

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