Vung Tau Day Trip

A popular weekend escape from HCMC, Vung Tau is only 2 hours away. The city enjoys a spectacular location on a peninsula, with ocean on three sides.  This is the perfect day trip from HCMC as there are temples, statues and hikes to climb.. also, the beach! 

We drove to Vung Tau and on the way stopped by a fishing port for lunch at an authentic seafood restaurant on the water and had fish, shrimp and oysters. We had to take a boat to a little island for the lunch at Bè Hào Đực Nhỏ.

Once arriving we decided to get the workout out of the way and climb up to see the statue of Jesus.

Climb up 811 stairs to reach the statue and another 113 to reach Jesus’ shoulder.

We went to Imperial Beach club for relaxation after the hike.  They have a pool and are on the beach so you can lounge by the water and have food and drinks served.

After a beautiful day of boats, beaches and hikes we had dinner and more seafood at a restaurant called Nhà hàng Gành Hào with a view of the sunset.  This was a wonderful reset from the bustle of HCMC.

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