They say home is where the heart is and if that is the case then my home is all around the world. I have a deep love for so many places, people and experiences that I have had.  When you travel so much notions of home and away get blurry.  The line between work and travel isn’t straight.  The thing about it is though, you will find that your needs are met no matter where you are in the world.  The coffee may be stronger and A LOT sweeter than you would normally like it, but it will do the trick.


Although you may not be around your normal family and friends they are always just one call away. You will make new connections that are strong in a very short amount of time.  People who travel are generally more open minded and willing to invite you over for a home cooked meal, go to a workout class or go on a side trip with you.  In Remote Year we call it our Tramily.  Tribe+Family=Tramily


At first glance in a new location you may feel like nothing is the same or even recognizable. Your transportation is now on the back of an uber drivers motorcycle, you have to walk in front of cars to cross the street and the plants and animals are nothing you have seen before.  Soon, this too will become your familiarity and you will love and appreciate the unique beauty of it.


You may not speak the same language, but a smile is the same in every culture.  You can always use google translate, point, use your numbers as fingers or just smile and accept what they give you.


You may find different animals may live with you, you can’t drink the water and you have to push a whole lot of buttons to make the washer/dryer and other appliances work but you will find comfort in a soft bed, a warm shower and a nice meal. When you strip away the material possessions you realize you don’t really need all that much to be comfortable and feel like home.


The Wi-Fi can be spotty, your Sim card only works for data and you can’t seem to get into your VPN. Generally, there is a hotspot or an app for that.  As much as it tests your patience sometimes, in 2017 we have it pretty great.  I have sent contracts on beaches, beds, hammocks and many other remote “offices”.

If you are worried about traveling, believe me any of your normal comforts and expectations will change, you will grow and you will realize you really don’t need that much to be happy.

Check out my current home in Ho Chi Minh city with photos from Jay Dred.

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