Riding a Motorcycle in Vietnam

In HCMC there are 8.4 million people and 7.4 million motor bikes.  If you are not driving one or on the back of one at some point on your visit to Vietnam I will be surprised. Here are a few tips:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Hold on to the back
  • Make sure your purse and items are secure so they don’t get snatched
  • Stay balanced with the drivers movements
  • Ladies, if you have a short dress you can ride on the side


  • Traffic law does not exist so don’t expect people to be giving you the right of way
  • Although there are traffic lights they are precautionary than mandatory so don’t make a hard stop or you might get run into.
  • Because of pot holes and random animals you should try to stick to the speed limits
  • Although they are probably not going to do anything if you are driving drunk, you shouldn’t.  Keep in mind other people on the road probably will be.
  • There are technically no limit to the number of people, animals, houses etc on your motorbike but it really isn’t safe so you should stick to two
  • Have fun, embrace a new way to travel, enjoy the wind blowing in your hair

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