Lessons Learned While Living Out Of A Suitcase

  • You can find a family anywhere in the world They may have different beliefs and customs but people from other cultures are just like you; they have feelings, they love, they enjoy good food with great company, fun and adventure. There are always commonalities.
  • You can always communicate even if you don’t speak the language, there is google translate, signaling or pointing at a picture. A smile always helps too (:
  • It’s not about the place, weather or who you are with. It’s about your attitude and willingness to be open to a positive experience.
  • Be patient. Your personal space will be evaded, you may have to wait in very long lines and you might have to ask for something multiple times but hey, not every culture is really fast paced.
  • I need to be more creative when I choose restaurants whether it’s the cuisine or trying the food stalls or trucks. The Indian, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese food has been out of this world.
  • Leave your expectations. Nothing is ever quite as it seems or exactly as you would expect it to be.
  • Material objects are just that. If it gets lost between countries or damaged because you jumped in a pool, well the experience was much more excitement than the clothes provided.
  • It’s hard. Mentally, emotionally, on your skin, on your health. You have to find things that comfort you and make those a priority.
  • Always learn some of the language. The locals appreciate the effort even if you butcher it.
  • Immerse yourself in the local culture and have lunch at a locals house, ask personal questions and make friends. You will learn so much from them and get a better sense of what life is really like.
  • You can find what you are looking for anywhere. Although it may not be traditional in that country you can find a cool pool, speakeasy or American food. You shouldn’t do it often but sometimes you need a touch of home.
  • Always bring a swimsuit.
  • Never forget chargers and external batteries.
  • Figure out the city and get your bearings early on.  Sometimes the uber or cab drivers aren’t the best at directions.
  • Just say yes.. the work, events, traveling is hard to fit it all  in. Just say yes and figure it out later. The memories will be worth it.
  • Put “me” time on the calendar. Whether it’s to read a new book, go to the spa, take a fitness class or have a nice cup of coffee. It’s usually the best reset.
  • Always bring your Priority Pass.  You never know how long the flight delays will be.
  • Always pack less than you planned. Your going to end up ditching it anyway when your over bag allowance by 12 kilos and it’s $36 a kilo.
  • Always bring a cardigan or shawl. Learn the local traditions and make sure you are being respectful when entering places of worship.


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