My Hippie Place

Nestled in the woods near Byron Bay in Australia are the stunning Crystal Castles & Shambala gardens.  Get in touch with your spirituality and immerse yourself in your inner peace.  The employees of Crystal Castle all have a zen like presence and the entire park filled with Crystals, tarot readings, music and a bit of magic is an enlightening experience.

Walk amongst the gods through the stunning Shamble Gardens and visit the worlds largest Geode Pair, The Crystal Gardens.

The enchanting gardens are exquisite.  There are enormous stone statues and crystals and are filled with unique plants.  There are many places including the healing sanctuary that have beautiful places for meditation and contemplation.

The Stupa is created to protect against negative energies and restore balance to the earth in times of war, conflict and environmental destruction. It is the only Kalachakra World Peace Stupa in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Labyrinth is a walk of spiritual reflection and space to seek inspiration. Let your inner creativity blossom and find peace in the Labyrinth.

The Buddha Walk is a place for contemplation and includes views of giant crystals, gardens and a bamboo walk. Be at peace with the largest blessing Buddha. A walk through this area brings the whole experience together.

The Reflexology Path was created using pebbles that massage your feet as you walk. There is a Rose Quartz in the centre that radiates a nursing energy of peace and love.  Walking the path was a stress reducing relaxation that was the perfect start to our journey through the spiritual Crystal Castle.


I patiently walked around the Damanhur Spiral and felt the radiant energy.  It is said to act as an extensive store of knowledge and inspiration and can reawaken the divine essence present in everyone.  You take the walk by yourself and feel the healing power of the Smoky Quartz.

Be in awe of the enchanted cave, the largest amethyst cave in the world.

Getting an opportunity to visit the Crystal Castle was an enchanting and spiritual experience.  If you are ever in the area make sure you make a stop.  Your mind with thank you for it. 

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