3 Tips to Make Your Videos Stand Out

Most of you who follow Sasha can see how much work she puts into documenting her journey. Although it takes effort to put content out there, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Sasha reached out and asked about a few tips to make her videos look good for publishing. It got me thinking about my process.
I starting vlogging this year as a side project. I wanted to remove any barriers and learn more about documenting in a faster way. This doesn’t mean go buy expensive equipment. I shoot with my iPhone and GoPro. I picked up a few tips and tricks to make your footage pop. It’s about how you capture your video and edit it.
Here are the 3 tips to make your videos stand out:
  1. Make sure you take your video with lots of lighting.
    • Editing is hard when there is low lighting because there is less to adjust.
  2. Use color contrast to make your video pop.
    • Apply teal to your shadows because it gives it a cool temperature look. Apply orange to your mid-tones because it gives you a warm skin glow.
  3. Match it with the music.
    • Lets face it. We listen to music all the time, especially during our commute to work or while doing laundry. Let the music help your footage tell the story.
Whether you like it or not, everyone is a media company. And if your smartphone is the new TV, Instagram is one of the most viewed channels out there to date. The people who view, watch and like your content are giving you their attention, even if it’s just for a second. The cool part is that you can give back by making your videos look good. No, you don’t need an entire media team to edit your stuff. Keep it simple. Use light, color and music to help your videos stand out.

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