Phnom Penh Day and Weekend Trips

Siem Reap is known for Angkor Wat and 1,000s of other temples.  There are also amazing parks, waterfalls and a really fun pub scene.  See my post about it here.

Kampot is in the Southern part of Cambodia and is known for it’s pepper plantations and salt fields. They are also known for their wild animals, waterfalls and beautiful outdoor scenery.  This is a huge backpacker town with hippie vibes as you can see by the “Happy Special Pizza” everywhere.  The greenhouse, which is where we stayed right outside of the city was the most amazing chill hotel.  There were little bungalows with waterfront views on the river, free paddle boarding and kayaking and a restaurant with amazing food.  You can take a cab here from Phnom Penh for $40. We went to Kampot on our way to Koh Rong.

Sihanoukville is a seaside town featuring Cambodia’s best beaches.  It is a 6 hour drive from Phnom Penh and you can take a cab or bus and it is rather inexpensive. From Sihanoukville, there is a 45 minute ferry to Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem.

Koh Rong is the second largest island in Cambodia but is still rather underdeveloped.  Even though there are still tourists it is not overrun by them. You can chill on the beach, visit some amazing dive sites and see the bioluminescent plankton at night. There are also really fun clubs.  This island is a backpackers paradise. Electricity and Wi-Fi are pretty non-excistant and they take only cash on the island. While this isn’t authentic Cambodia, it’s the perfect getaway.

Koh Rong Sanloem is 4 kilometers south of Koh Rong Island.  This island is much more chill and relaxed with much less party vibes. Stay in a bungalow and relax by the beach.

My vote, if you have time visit all of these places while in Cambodia.  You won’t regret it!

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