Play Like A Local

Keeping an active lifestyle on the road can be challenging.  Even though there are gyms in most of our buildings, the mornings are typically my work time.  We have been very active with the local sports which has been some of the most fun times we have had on remote year.  I am super competitive so have loved every minute of it even when I am not playing so well.


We play soccer in every country and it is the most fun part of the week.  We are all so competitive.  Sometimes we get a chance to play with the locals and they kick our butts!


Volleyball is the national sport of Cambodia so I played every chance I could get.  We played as a group and there were a lot of good players in our Kublai community.  I wasn’t too bad although I ended up with scabbed knees and bruises all over my arms.



Pretty much every temple and tourist attraction involves some sort of hike.  Plan a sunrise or sunset hike up a mountain and you will not be disappointed with the breathtaking views you get to wake up to.


Many people in our group rented bikes in Cambodia as an easier way to get around and a workout.  We also got to bike our Cyclo drivers around.  That was a spectacle.




I swim almost every day whether it is at our hotel pool, in a lake or in an ocean.  If there is a body of water in front of me I am jumping in.  This is the best way to enjoy a workout.  Sometimes the island dog will join you.


Kayaking/Paddle Boarding

Almost every island will have some sort of kayaking or paddle boarding available.  Make sure to take advantage of a fun way to get in a workout.



Scuba Diving

I try to go scuba diving as often as possible when there is something to see.  You can check out my adventures here.

Tai Chi

Similar to yoga, this stretching workout feels amazing in the early morning during sunrise. Many of the hotels and boats we were on offered morning Tai Chi.

Muay Thai

Several of my fellow Remote’s took a Muay Thai class which is very popular in Thailand.



One of our Remotes Carin who writes for Pairs Well With is a dancer and choreographer and has been teaching the Kublai group how to shake it!


Whether you like working out or not, get out there and be active.  It’s a lot of fun.  Specially when you get to do it with the locals!


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