Complete Full Moon Party Guide

The Full Moon Party originated on the beautiful Haad Rin beach in Koh Phangan, Thailand with over 30,000 people ferrying in for the event.  It includes a night full of partying on the beach to DJs, live music, fire dancing and activities all over the beach.  Despite the obvious commercialization of the event, it is still a lot of fun.  The full moon party is a different day every month and you can check out the calendar here.

I went to the Full Moon Party on May 11th, 2017 and had an amazing time with over 30 of my Remote Year friends.  We made it through the night (some made it until the morning) and survived it (some better than others) so here are my tips to make sure you enjoy your Full Moon Party experience to the fullest.


Taking a ferry in from Surat Thani or Koh Samui is the quickest however you can also ferry from Koh Tao.  You can book your ferry onsite but I would recommend booking online at so reserve your spot in advance because they do book up.


Since the party lasts all night for most, many people take a ferry there and back the next morning.  Although the cheapest option, may not be the safest or best option.  I would recommend booking a place either close to the party (Haad Rin) or close to the pier if you are looking for the easiest option or may be travelling alone.  We booked a beautiful house that was 45 minutes away from the party which was a nice chill spot.  We just rented scooters and had taxi’s lined up for the party.  We stayed for 3 days and were able to hang out and relax by the pool the day before and after. Book early because many places sell out.


Anything neon will work for women or men.  Many people just wear their swimsuits and body paint.  You can also purchase full moon party merchandise everywhere on the island when you get in.


It is fun to get braids done or add color and glitter to your hair.  I would recommend doing that on another island and BYO glitter and hair color as it’s a hassle to find once you get there.

Buddy System

Be careful and make sure you are there with friends.  There are a lot of people at this event and not everyone looking out for your best interest.


Get there late

It doesn’t start getting busy until midnight and the parties and after parties go until 10:00am in the morning.  If you want to make it to those, you may want to start late.

To bucket or not to bucket

Be careful with the buckets.  They are full of Thai red bull which contains ephedra which is like speeds.  Many people drink these all night and are passed out on the beach.



It is a long night in the heat so make sure you are consistently drinking water.  Bring a few with you so you don’t have to pay the party prices.

Stay out of the ocean

Not for the obvious reason of drowning, but the ocean becomes the party goers toilet all night  Stay sanitary!

Stay away from the fire

Just because everyone else is jumping rope or limboing under fire, doesn’t mean you have to.  The last place you want to get emergency medical treatment is on a crowded island in Thailand.

Don’t get into trouble

Don’t get into an argument, act drunk or buy drugs from anyone on the island.  The local cops incomes are hardly subsidized by the government so they are looking for tourists to either pay up or put into jail.

Have Fun, Be Colorful and Dance The Night Away!


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