Gaggan #7 Best Restaurant In The World

In my attempt to visit all of the top restaurants in the world, I had to stop at Gaggan when I was in Bangkok, Thailand.  Restaurants like this are second to none.  The creativity, passion and art combined with the ingredients and bursts of flavor take your senses to another level. Guests are given a list of 25 emoji’s as to contain an element of surprise.  The menu is Progressive Indian Cuisine.

Upon arrival of the restaurant, it was chic but not overly fancy or stuffy.  Everyone was very friendly.   We received the emoji menu below only to tease us and try to get excited about certain courses that were going to be nothing of what we would expect.


Next, the Sommellier comes to let you know he can prepare a tasting or recommend wine pairings.  We opted for a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from the Louvre Valley.  It was light and crisp and paired extremely well with all of our flavor forward menu items.


Dish 1: Pan Leaf Chilly Jam-a lite a crisp start to the story.


Dish 2: Yogurt Explosion-similar to the famous olives at Tickets, the outside texture was soft but smooth and the inside was a cold, liquid yogurt flavor.


Dish 3: Tom Yum Kung Cracker-A flavor explosion with the whole shrimp head and sauce on top.


Dish 4: Eggplant Cookie-One of my least favorite menu items texture and flavor.  The texture was like powdered cheese and was bursting with eggplant.


Dish 5: Chili Bonbon-The most interesting pairing of white chocolate and cold chili liquid center.


Dish 6: Goat Brain-One of my favorite options on the menu as it had a lot amazing pea flavor and magic powder.


Dish 7: Idly Sambar-Had a bread like texture but was pretty bland.


Dish 8: Chicken Liver Coconut-A pairing of two items that went extremely well together.


Dish 9: Kebab Burger-Not to be #basic but these were obviously delicious!


Dish 10: Fish (Akami) Tacos-A fresh poke with a crunch.


Dish 11: Foie Gras Yuzu Marshmallow-A surprising savory and tangy twist to a classic s’more.


Dish 12: Fish Cake-an ocean inspired rendition on the traditional cheesecake.  Couldn’t tell if it was dessert or on appetizer.


Dish 13: Gin Tonic Uni-A summers eve app and cocktail in one.


Dish 14: Chutoro Sushi-over-the-top tuna!


Dish 15: Summer Matcha-A fun flair to an asparagus, tomato and cucumber gazpacho.

***Dish 16: Pork Vindaloo-YUMMMMMM


Dish 17: Scallops Uncooked Curry-Texture, temperature and flavor bursts.


Dish 18: Quail Chettinad-Angry bird, happy me.


Dish 19: Cedar Wood Paturi-aromatic fish full of heat.


Dish 20: Asparagus Charcoal-Tastes exactly like what it looks like.


Dish 21: Lobster Dosai (indian pancake)-killer even though I am pretty full at this point.


Dish 22: Beetroot Rose-Roses are red, beets are not blue, this dish will surprise you and your tastebuds too.


Dish 23: Curry Mango Chocolate-The perfect pallet cleanser.


Dish 24: Black Forest-Cherry and chocolate and crumbles OH MY!


Dish 25: Mango Chewar-A fresh mango granola bar gift to end the perfect dinner.


Whoa!  Talk about an adventure for my mouth and mind.  The service was exceptional and the chef personally came out to ask what our favorite dishes were. What a treat to meet such a talented and passionate person.  I highly recommend Gaggan not only for the experience but to awaken your umami senses.

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