Spice Girls

When in Chiang Mai or anywhere in Thailand I knew a cooking class would be a must. The food in Thailand is out of this world and the ingredients they use are so unique to American food, I had to learn how to use them.

In Chiang Mai we decided to go to the Baan Thai Thai Cookery School. They picked us up from our hotel and took us to the market where we purchased our local ingredients. They explained to us all of the different ingredients that are used in Thai cooking and how everything is smaller in Thailand. (:


They showed us that lemon grass, kafir lime leaves and galangal (Thai Ginger) make up the soup stock basics. That their garlic is smaller and you don’t have to peel the skin off. That they use soy sauce, fish sauce and sugar palm in EVERYTHING. Good luck vegetarians and gluten free diets..

Once we got to the kitchen we get to pick 5 items we wanted to make out of 25.  They let us relax, have a snack and explained to us the basics of sticky rice and other sauces commonly used in Thailand.

I made Pad Thai, Papaya Salad, Seafood Coconut Soup and Khao Soi Curry. Everything turned out extremely well and the taste was out of this world good. I was shocked and so proud of myself at how easy it was to make. I am already planning on my next dinner party to include Thai cuisine. If you are in Thailand, make sure you check out a cooking class.

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