Thirty! Not Dirty…

Turning 30 is a huge birthday for me as so much has changed not only in the last decade but in the last year.  It has been a wild, crazy and f*cked up ride. I’ve fallen in love, had my heart broken, stayed up all night, went to bed at 9pm, smoked the cigarettes, quit the cigarettes, died my hair blonde, died my hair ombre, died my hair dark brown, raved at music fests, yogi’d at yoga fests, lived in the city, lived out of the country, made friends, lost friends, traveled the world (19 countries and 39 states) and found my home (Chicago).

My 30’s are going to be my best years yet as I have learned so much from mistakes and really know what I want out of life.  I am looking forward to this fierce new decade.

30 things I want to accomplish by 31

  1. Buying a home-Closing on August 15th!
  2. DIY something amazing for my condo
  3. Travel to South America
  4. Scuba dive the Great Blue Hole in Belize
  5. Get my Certificate in Meetings Management (CMM)
  6. Learn how to code
  7. Visit a new American city
  8. Go to a local yoga festival
  9. Make dinner for someone once a week
  10. Bike the entire 18 mile lakefront in Chicago
  11. Do something that scares me (Bungee Jumping or Sky Diving)
  12. Go hiking in Patagonia, Chile
  13. Trek to Machu Picchu Peru
  14. Find another cause to be involved in
  15. Grow my own food
  16. Get a facial or massage once a month
  17. Invest in something beyond just my savings
  18. Learn how to make homemade pasta
  19. Take an art class
  20. Go to the opera
  21. Eat at Alinea
  22. Give a speech
  23. Go to Coachella
  24. Go to Burning Man in an Airstream
  25. Learn about all of the religions and decide which one I believe in
  26. Do a food and drink crawl down the 606
  27. Read 30 books
  28. Visit all 77 neighborhoods in Chicago
  29. Do a food and drink crawl down the new river walk
  30. Take a road trip with friends

This year I am blessed to be spending the weekend with my closest friends going on wine tastings, kicking back by the pool and creating memories.

A look back at my last few birthday parties..

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