What kind of traveler are you?

When it comes to traveling, I like to do ALL OF THE THINGS.  I want to be somewhere that has huge history, outdoor activities like hiking, a beach and a great food scene.  I like to be shown around by the locals but I also love adventure and want to explore.

There are so many different types of travelers.  Do you know which one you are?  I always find that it is a good idea to travel with someone who has a similar style to you especially when it comes to big trips.

Beach goer

The beach goer is interested in places like Florida, California, Mexico, Spain and Australia.  They could spend all day laying on the beach, surfing and scuba diving.  At night they like to watch the sunset with cocktails at a fun restaurant, go to a beach party, sleep in a bungalow before doing it again the next day.



The Historian loves to go to places like New Orleans, Boston, Charleston, Philadelphia, Washington, Vietnam, Yucatan, Athens, Rome, Machu Picchu, Beijing, Angkor Wat, Budapest and Cairo.  This is usually a more mature traveler and a bit more rare than the other ones.  They typically travel more and may have more vacation days as these aren’t all about relaxing.  They spend their days visiting war sites, historical places, temples and ruins and their evenings are spent with a nice dinner and an early night.


City explorer

The city explorer likes to visit places like New York, LA, London and Paris.  They are similar to the historian in that they enjoy visiting museums and big historical sites.  They also like to go to the place that Angelina Jolie ate at and visit the fancy shopping malls.  They are typically a little bit less the outdoorsy types.

Road tripper

The road tripper likes to travel through places like the Ohio River Scenic Byway, Hana Highway, Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway. This is not always but can be the small town people.  They are typically more social and may be younger. They like to jump in their car and stop from place to place without much of an itinerary or a whole lot of money.  They typically pack their own food and may sleep in their car.  They have a lot of fun and tons of stories to tell.


Festival or music follower

This person likes to go to Bonaroo, Coachella, Burning Man or anywhere their favorite band is playing.  As they get older they may move on from music festivals to the Wanderlust Yoga festivals or Food and Wine festivals.  They love planned chaos that doesn’t require too much planning or a schedule.  They love having everything they need in one place.


The all inclusive

This person loves to go to Mexico, Dominican Republic or on a cruise to the Bahamas.  They enjoy very minimal planning or budgeting.  They want to show up, relax, hang by the beach and eat and drink whatever they want.


Wine enthusiast

Chianti, Napa, Sonoma, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Duoro Valley, Piedmont, Willamette Valley, Spain, Argentina and Chile.  These people are foodies that enjoy a little sun, great music and a bold cab.


Nature lover

They visit places like Utah, Montana, Alaska, North Carolina, Canada, Hawaii, Yellowstone National Park and Costa Rica. This person loves to hike, swim, camp and anything that involves the great outdoors.  They are physically fit, earth conscious and enjoy a unique plant, animal or beautiful waterfall.



They like to visit places like San Francisco, Austin, Washington, Boston, Southeast Asia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Spain, India and New Zealand. This person likes to design their own travel experience.  They like to move from place to place with no set itinerary or tickets booked.  They like to meet new people from all over the world and experience things they have never done before.


The partier

They like to go to cities like Las Vegas, Las Angeles, Mykonos, Ibiza, Seoul, Rio, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, New Orleans, Barcelona, Montreal, Bangkok, Berlin, Singapore and Miami. They like to be seen at the hottest day clubs, nap and then be spotted at the hottest night clubs at the best tables.  They enjoy loud music and dressing up.  They don’t typically spend much time on the touristy things.


I have done all of these types of trips and find that I have different friends and family that I choose to go on different trips with.  I have so many interests that I enjoy experiencing different ways of travel.

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