How To Camp And Love It

When I tell people that I LOVE camping, they laugh and never believe me.  Growing up, we camped.  When I had a hockey tournament, we camped.  We didn’t stay at hotels if camping was an option.  I am not sure if it is the nostalgia that I love so much or if it is the campfire stories, beers and hot dogs.  Usually there is always a lake or river nearby too and I adore swimming.

Now, I know it almost always rains and you get attacked by bugs but if you are prepared you will have an amazing time with stories to tell.

  1. Select a campsite-if there are a lot of dead trees it may signify what’s to come. Make sure it has everything you need from picnic tables, fire pits, showers etc.  You will also want to know the general wind direction for the fire and which way the sun will rise when setting up your tent.
  2. Bring more clothes than you think you need.  Comfortable clothes, swimsuits, shoes. You will most likely get a lot dirty or wet.
  3. Find a bug spray that really works for you. I like this one with only 30% deet. I know deet isn’t great but it works.
  4. Get a 6 person tent.  It is more fun to tent in a group. A smaller tent however is easier to find a spot for. I love this one by Coleman.
  5. Bring an air mattress and sleeping bag so you are comfortable.
  6. If you are going to be camping for several days bring a portable fan for comfort.
  7. Have dry firewood available in case it rains.  The campfire is the best part.
  8. Bring all of the fun campfire treats (Hot Dogs, Smores, Banana Boats)
  9. Have a hammock for lounging around and naps
  10. Bring plenty of snacks, bottled water and more beer than you think you need.
  11. Bring outdoor games like bags.
  12. Decorate your campsite with lights and citronella candles to create the vibe.

These are just the essentials for me personally.  If you are a truly legit camper there can be so many more requirements which you can learn more about here. Don’t shy away from camping at your next music or yoga fest or for your next family/friend reunion. The best memories are made in these settings.

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