It is the year of #squadgoals and I am completely inspired by women who support and surround themselves with other women. Traveling with friends, bachelor nights, having a glass of wine at happy hour or just sitting on the couch with my girls means so much to me. Female friendships have always been so important to me and I hold my girl squad so close.

I tend to attract very strong, independent women with big personalities.  I have always had a large group of friends and I try to keep them close because they are everything.  It is typically a red flag when someone says they have no girlfriends.  Here are some ways to keep your girl friends close and make sure you are being a good friend.

  • Go to their events
    • Don’t be selfish, they went to your birthday so make an effort to go to theirs even if you don’t want to.
  • Don’t be jealous
    • You may be single planning their bachelorette party and cheering them on as their bridesmaid but don’t be salty about it, you should be genuinely excited.  Your time will come.
  • Don’t be too private
    • Close friendships form from deeper connections.  I can be a very private person so this is something I have to constantly strive for.
  • Don’t gossip
    • It’s negative and you love your friends!
  • Forgive
    • We can all be bitchy and make mistakes.
  • Help a friend in need
    • Be there for your friends if they need a ride, help moving or help finding a job.
  • Be supportive
    • When a friend is going through hard times make sure you are there to support them.
  • Empower
    • Find ways to help your friends grow professionally and personally.
  • Don’t Judge
    • Embrace the uniqueness in them.
  • Be honest
    • That is the ugliest effing skirt I have ever seen.

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