LA LA LAND-A fanciful state or dreamworld

To experience LA is to feel the cool vibes of the people who have been transplanted there with their “effortlessly” chic outfits and their chill demeanor.

I am lucky enough to have a great friend whom I can visit and experience the wonder and beauty that is LA. Here are some of my favorite experiences.

A stroll down Robertson Boulevard boutiques and lunch at the Ivy is the ultimate ladies who lunch day.

A walk up to the Hollywood sign, as cheesy as it may sound is the best hike on a breezy 75 degree day.

Walk down Venice Beach for the ultimate people watching experience.


Take a drive through the sunset strip and end up in West Hollywood for cocktails and a trendy dinner. The food, drinks and chaos won’t disappoint.

And then there is just being a straight up tourist at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Madame Toussauds!

Enjoy happy hour with a sunset view at The Getty Museum.  Don’t miss their jaw dropping exhibits.

Whatever you do in LA, don’t make too many plans and embrace the spontaneity.

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