The Voices in My Head

I can be a daydreamer with my head in the clouds.  Mindfulness is something I am trying to work on.  I do however analyze my thoughts to see if there is a deeper meaning. Here are just a few of them. Share with me some of yours.

The Wanderluster-This is probably 60% of my thoughts…

“Where will I go next?  Why am I not currently on vacation?”

The Inner Child-This is probably 30% of my thoughts…

“I want to play at a waterpark!”

The Basic Betch

“I wish I was in front of the couch with a pumpkin spice latte and avocado toast.”

The Kind Wise Grandmother

“What you just did was really special.”


The Memory

This is usually about a funny memory that at the time was not funny.

The Future

This is usually about work, relationships and travel.

The Wise

“You should sign up for that class you have been wanting to take.”

The Super Hero

“I should do more volunteering and give that homeless man money on my way home.  Goes online and signs up for big brothers big sisters..”

The Whiner

“Why does this always happen?”

The Saver

“You shouldn’t have purchased that or looked around for a better price.”

The Impulsive

“That is cool, I am going to buy that.”

Daydreaming is said to decrease the older that you get but I say keep it alive it makes you more creative.  According to the secret your thoughts become things so make sure your thoughts are truly what you want and hopefully they will manifest.


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