Charleston in one word: CHARMING. Charleston is the epitome of southern charm and everything that is adorable. The way of life is a casual ease that at the same time feels luxurious and well thought out.  Everything about it from the food to the sites makes it a wonderful place to visit. 

The food.

Southern food is all handmade and local, it is fresh, fried, sweet and salty. The people there take their delicacies seriously. Boiled peanuts, pickled okra, pimiento cheese, corn bread, collard greens, fried green tomatoes, oysters, crab cakes, shrimp and grits, low country boils, Stop by Husk or Magnolias for a one of a kind experience.  Visit Carmella’s for a sweet treat or after dinner dessert inspired cocktail.

The mansions (porches).

In Charleston they take their porch game seriously.  Many houses have larger square feet of porch than in their actual house.  Imagine enjoying sweet tea and listening to relaxing music on a swing on one of those.

The water.

From the beaches of Folly to the rivers in downtown Charleston, there is spectacular water views all throughout the city.  You can swim, set sail or have a picnic outside with the scenic views all around you.


If you haven’t made your way to Charleston, add it to your bucket list.  Everything you could want in a city you can find in Charleston.


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