Lessons in close travel

“You traveled with 75 strangers!!!”

People would always be shocked when I told them I traveled, worked and lived for 4 months with people I had never met before.  Meeting people on the road is my favorite part about traveling so why not travel with them too.

One thing is for sure, the most unique experiences and special moments happen when traveling.  You get to know someone at their core.  The change in scenery cuts through the familiarity and removes those shelters people hide in. There are almost always uncomfortable moments and shit just happens when you are traveling.

Here are some things you will always find out about someone when you are traveling with people, especially when their is not much personal space.

  • You learn about what is most important to that person. Is it adventure, experiences, gratification (that insta photo)?
  • It injects a special intimacy into those friendships where you share stories and experiences you can’t replicate.
  • You learn about their sleep schedule which can be the most challenging.  When traveling I stay up all night and wake up extremely early which isn’t necessarily good and can lead to issues if someone has a different schedule and they try to keep up with yours.
  • You learn about their eating schedule. I need coffee and I get hangry so I need to travel with someone who can just go along with my love for brunch and fancy dinners at 10:00pm.
  • You understand their emotions better. Do they need space, sleep, are they sad, are they literally crazy?
  • You will be pushed out of your comfort zone since they will be right in your personal space.
  • It will greatly speed up your relationship with that person. There is not much room for hiding.

Traveling with your friends, family and significant other is such an intimate and exciting experience that can’t be replicated in day to day life and those closest to you are the ones that can thrive in those experiences.


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