The Perfect Resume

Everyone works so hard on making their resumes perfect when employers generally hire people that they like or will fit in with their corporate culture.  Sure, getting the interview requires that you check all of the boxes. (Experience, Education, Etc.) At the end of the day if you are neck and neck with another candidate it is your likability or connection that will get you the job.

Here is what my resume would look like if it was just based on my personality and interests.

  • Has Many Interests: Likes to do all of the things (Fashion, Art, Foodie, Adventure, Athletics)
  • Easy going: Will join in on any spontaneous activity
  • Competitive AF: LOVES games and sports but hates losing at them
  • Team Player: Drinks Wine Well with others
  • Fun: Will make anything fun
  • Adventurous: Loves to scuba dive and travel to places that aren’t always the safest or most glamourous
  • Initiative: Always the first in line to try something new
  • Leadership: I am always leading friends to the front of the concert or closest to the stage
  • Passionate: I am extremely passionate about fun, friends, travel and working hard
  • Achieved: I have won many costume contests, stein holding contests, etc.

Now, obviously you have to be the right fit for the position with the right skills however if you are interviewing for a job at the company make sure you know their culture inside and out.  You should dress the part and your personality should match with how they typically hire.

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