Lima, Peru

Lima is the 2nd driest metropolitan city in the world and is showcased by the cliffs that are crumbling down into the ocean below.  With high rises at the top it is a huge contrast.  Lima has the most stunning views of the ocean and is a paradise for surfers.  Unfortunately I had altitude sickness for most of the trip so was unable to take surfing lessons.

The swimming beaches are about an hour or two away from Miraflores which is unfortunate as I would have liked to just lay on the beach and swim the entire time.

Lima is becoming a foodie capital with amazing Ceviche dishes and several Michelin start restaurants.  They are home to the number 4 restaurant in the world, Central.

It is southern cali sophisticated with it’s unique restaurants and museums like the sex museum called Museo Larco.  Don’t miss this museum as it is beautiful.  Sit outside with a glass of wine by the flower gardens.  You won’t regret it.

If I could go back I would check out Huacachina which is the sand-boarding mecca of Peru.  Everyone that did it said it was such a fun experience. It is about 4 hours away from Lima so it is a full day event.

I would have also gone to Islas Ballestas which they call the poor mans galapagos. The only way you can get there is by boat and you take a bus from Lima at 4:00am in the morning so this is also a full day tour.

I had really high hopes for Lima as I am a foodie and I LOVE the water.  Pretty much the two things I love most.  I don’t know if it was because I was suffering from Altitude sickness from Cusco or if the city was just not for me but if I could do it over again I would go somewhere else like La Paz or spend more time in Chile.





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