Diving in Maria La Gorda, Cuba

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to scuba dive in Cuba. Maria La Gorda is the Peninsula most West and is the most protected diving zone. Because they do not use pesticides that runoff into the ocean, Cuba has some of the best coral in the world. The area falls within the Guanahacabibes National Park, and is home to around 50 excellent dive sites that include features like plunging walls, swim-throughs and caves. We saw a ton of barracuda, groupers, sea turtles, lobsters, crabs and many other species.


Lion fish are an invasive species in Cuba and threatens the native ecosystem. While we were scuba diving and exploring we would spear any of the lion fish we saw to help out. Lion fish are very poisonous so you have to be extremely careful.



Safety Tips:

  • Bring your own gear, the dive shops can be of varying quality
  • Bring a dive computer and make sure you aren’t going past your limits
  • Snacks… the food isn’t great at most resorts
  • Have your own insurance in case of emergency
  • Make sure you have your advanced certification for Maria La Gorda as there are a lot of drift dives, deep dives, cave dives and amazing night dives
  • Don’t fly within 24 hours of your dive
  • Get a comfortable skin suit.  I only used my wet suit at night but you still want to protect your skin


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