NFL in London

If you are attending an NFL game in London and are looking for more information like I was, I thought I would provide a few tips after our experience.

  • Find your teams bar. Each team has one and they have events going on all weekend. Plus you get to hang out with fellow fans!
  • Book when tickets go on sale or wait until the week before.  Otherwise you will pay double or triple for tickets. We learned that the hard way.
  • Almost all of the seats have great views. They designed the stadium so you are level with the game.
  • Stay somewhere central such as Piccadilly Circus since there is not much to do around the stadium. You can take the tube to Seven Sisters and the NFL did a great job having signage and staff everywhere to show you how to get to the stadium (it is a 30 minute walk)
  • There isn’t an official tailgate but you can purchase beer from all the bodegas and drink outside the Stadium.  Most people were there 3-4 hours early and the stadium opens 2 hours early.
  • Here is a full guide on getting to the stadium, rules, etc.
  • Check out more on the stadium and how it transforms from the Hotspurs stadium to an NFL stadium.

The open stadium and the fireworks were pretty sick!

There were a LOT more Chicago Bears Fans than Raiders Fans!




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