Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a complete gem that is highly underrated right now because of hurricane Maria.  While they had huge damage, the tourist areas are mostly recovered. Plus, don’t you want to spend your money where it really means something? I highly recommend Puerto Rico as your next destination as its a quick flight from the U.S., pretty inexpensive and there is so much to do. Some of my favorite things about Puerto Rico were the beaches, the forest and the contract between the different areas of San Juan.

The Beaches.

Isn’t this what you immediately think of when you think of PR.  They are even better than you can imagine. You can land at the airport and be splashing in the waters within an hour. There are plenty to choose from.

We spent a day in Iacaco which is basically an island with nothing on it so you take a water taxi and bring your food and drinks and everything you need for the day. It’s the perfect place to go with a group.

The Charm of Old San Juan.

This was the biggest surprise from my trip to PR.  Old San Juan was an adorable city with unique restaurants, colorful architecture with intricate details and a relaxed vibe.  There is a park where 100’s of people are flying their kites and is the best place to sit with a picnic and watch the locals spend time with their families.

The Rainforest.

Although El Yunque National Forest is still recovering from the hurricane, the forest views and waterfalls are worth the trip.


The Food. And Drinks.

The fresh seafood and local cuisine are out of this world.  You know the typical drinks like the mojito or pina colada that everyone orders on vacation?  They are extremely fresh and delicious there not the blended prem-ade ones at most resorts.

If I had more time I would have loved to go Scuba Diving, Kayak with the Bio luminescent plankton and spend some time in Rincon the surf town. If you choose to explore or just hang on the beach you are bound to have an amazing time on your trip to Puerto Rico.

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