Wander While You Work

Many people that I have told about Remote Year have been very curious about how the process works, how you get accepted and how you get a job to let you work remotely. There are several steps to the process that can be time consuming just like anything worthwhile.

  • Round one: Apply on the Remote Year website
    • $50 application fee and 25,000 people apply
    • This is a somewhat basic application with 6 questions. This is Remote Year’s first look at you so I still spent over an hour working on my answers and had my mom and sister proofread it. Since this is something I wanted so badly, I wanted to make sure I at least passed the first step.
    • Why do you want to go on Remote Year? Please describe your current job and role. What unique aspect do you bring to the table for the Remote Year community? What is your experience working remotely? Would your current employer allow you to keep your job and participate in Remote Year? Additional information.
  • Round two: The Skype interview
    • I skyped with Erika at Remote Year. She asked me many questions about my traveling experience, my work experience, remote work experience and why I wanted to go on remote year. She also explained to me how it works. I had already read about 100 blogs created by current and former Remote Year’s participants so I was pretty well versed.
  • Round three: Acceptance into the program
    • Once you get accepted into the program they will hold your spot for two weeks in that particular program. You have to pay your entrance fee at this time.
  • Round four: Preparing your business plan and presenting it to your boss
    • This is a very unique experience to work and travel. I am in Sales so I knew that I would have to prepare a business plan to showcase why participating in Remote Year would actually help our company and my performance. This business plan took me about 10 hours and I had my sister and mom edit this one as well.
    • I presented the business plan to our owner who was very supportive and thought this would be a great opportunity for me and the Summits of Chicago. I am so lucky to work for someone who helps their employees live their dreams.
    • There are aspects of my job that someone else may have to take on while I am gone but that is why we are a team.
    • Some people are not able to keep their job but there are many websites that help you find companies that allow you to work remotely that Remote Year can recommend you to.
  • Round five: Welcome letter
    • Remote Year sends you all of the welcome information and things-to-do list that is somewhat daunting. Going out of the country for four months requires a lot of planning.

If you are interested in seeing my application or business plan please contact me. I am happy to share it with you.  It is a process similar to getting a new job, so can be stressful but more so exciting.

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