Don’t Be Afraid Take The Road Less Travelled

Whim. Spontaneously. Random. Last Minute. Surprises.

Spending a month and a half on the road has made me want to be more flexible with planning. Being an event planner that is the opposite of my natural way of doing things. While I am always up for a unique thrill I typically have my days and trips planned with an itinerary, calendar and paid for in advance.

I have made an effort to live in the moment and if something piques my interest, I am going to do it. Friends from RY we’re going to Australia and one of them is from there. I had the opportunity to join and booked a one way ticket to paradise.

Without knowing where I was staying, what I would be doing and what parts of Australia I would go, I got on a 12 hour flight.

Arriving in Gold Coast I felt an immediate connection with the culture and beauty of my surroundings. In 7 days in Gold Coast I went on a 3 day boating adventure complete with swimming, jet skiing, working from the front of the boat, sunsets and cooking lamb on the beach, I cuddled a Koala, took a kangaroo selfie, went to Crystal Castles and backpacked in Byron Bay.

In 4 days in Sydney I I completed my Scuba certification (Yes, I know it is cold), did the typical Sydney Opera House selfie, walked Bondi beach 10 times over, saw the botanical gardens, ferried to Manly Beach and saw many beautiful sunsets.

Just jump, you will land somewhere.



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