Singapore Slinging

On a 12 hour layover in Singapore I decided to take advantage and do all the things.  Here are my first impressions of the city.

  • It is clean AF.  Feeding pigeons, smoking in public, chewing gum, selling gum, littering, and spitting are a few laws they have to keep it clean.
  • Worlds highest infinity pool.  Need I say more?
  • Organized and efficient
    • We didn’t have to go through security till we got to our gate.  That made the line so much shorter.
    • Some of the clubs and bars make you pay to get in but they give you a voucher to spend on food and drinks.  This makes much more sense than a cover charge.
  • Green
    • The cities no littering policies, beautiful greenery and no smog make this city a spectacular place for the environment.
    • Gardens by the bay
    • Largest indoor waterfalls
  • Architectural Show Stoppers
    • 3 story Marina Bay Sands
    • A concert venue shaped like Durian
    • Museum shaped like a robotic hand
  • Successful and Smart
    • Everyone is dressed very smart, the people are intelligent and the way everything is room is efficient.  If it wasn’t, I think someone would propose a change!

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