it’s your turn to speak

My name was called and as my heart was beating faster and faster and my hands were shaking I went up to the podium, did my speech that I practiced 100 times and don’t even remember a word I said.

I was asked to speak at a PechaKucha on retaining Millennial’s and productivity tips for Millennial’s. I thought, “that’s great but there is not a chance I am getting on stage.” I know, I am in sales and present to people all the time.  Quite frankly, I am in front of CEO’s and executives almost every day.  Getting in front of 100’s of people though is terrifying to me.  My brain goes blank and I panic.

This is the number 1 fear in the world so I guess I am not alone.

They say practicing makes you more comfortable but that one speech stressed me out for weeks.

They say to picture everyone in their underwear…No thank you!

They say to practice and prepare but my mind goes blank every time I get on stage.

They say to relax and forget you have a fear of public speaking…..OK

They say not to talk to fast but I just want this to be done.

They say not to worry about being rejected, that no one really cares anyway.  Well I am up on stage because I have something to say and want people to care and be engaged.

I say, enough of the excuses above I have been giving myself every time I have to speak.  Public speaking is essential to your personal and professional life so do what you can to make yourself comfortable and take baby steps at it.

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